Our Story


Little Petra is a family run Jordanian restaurant in Cambridge.

Little Petra is a family run Jordanian restaurant in Cambridge.

Our journey started in a small restaurant on Mill Road in Cambridge where we opened in April 2019 serving wholesome traditional Jordanian meals. 


In February 2023 we moved to Hills Road to a larger location which enabled us to increase our menu offering and to cater for private functions. 


At the heart of our journey and our business has been our customers, who have supported us through multiple lockdowns and other local challenges.  The reviews and feedback we receive from regular and new customers has inspired us to grow.  Keeping wholesome, traditional meals at the core of our menu, we have expanded the kitchen so that we can offer additional dishes which are known and loved in Jordan.  We promise a feast for the tastebuds!


Yaseen Hlelat was born in Wadi Musa, the town on the outskirts of the Rose City, Petra.  Photographs showing the beautiful countryside of Petra were taken by Yaseen’s wife.


Petra is believed to have been settled as early as 9,000 BC. In 1985 it was designated a World Heritage site and in 2007 was named one of the New 7 Wonders of the World.  Wadi Musa, meaning the Place of Moses, is where it is believed that Moses touched the rock and water poured out.  Visitors are still able to visit the spring.


The murals in Little Petra were created by a local artist who has captured the beauty of the Monastery, the Treasury, famous caves, sand dunes and the traditional Bedouin tent with Bedouins round a fire.  We hope this brings the feeling of one of the most beautiful places in the world to Cambridge.